Since its opening, Maximum Uniq Hall has been serving the city's cultural and performing arts scene. The 1,156-capacity hall hosts world-class productions, international artists, theater plays, concerts, galas, corporate events, stand-up shows, and musicals throughout the season, providing uninterrupted entertainment for the audience.

Maximum Uniq Hall also facilitates art encounters with accessible art exhibitions in the foyer area. It can be rented by independent organizers, individuals, and institutions. Our experienced technical team caters to all technical requirements, while our catering service provides solutions for your refreshment goals.

Technical Specifications

  • Variable acoustic structure with enhanced features
  • Portal height of 8.70m, soffit height of 16m
  • Fully automated with 16 decor sets and 4 light bars
  • 4 catwalks
  • Dolby Digital Surround cinema sound system
  • 13x6m cinema screen
  • Simultaneous translation rooms providing translation in 8 languages
  • 80m2 rehearsal room with a bar and mirrors
  • 3 artist and 4 group dressing rooms
  • 150m2 artist cafeteria
  • Direct access from parking to backstage
  • Internet live streaming capability
  • Audience capacity of 1,156 people.

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Huzur Mah. Maslak Ayazağa Cad. No.4 Sarıyer/İstanbul


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