Zengin Mutfağı


Maximum Uniq Open-Air

/ Seating Arrangement

The events of June 15-16, 1970, the largest labor movement in the history of the Turkish Republic, are reflected in the kitchen of a wealthy family. The mansion workers, accustomed to nothing but servitude, find themselves unable to remain indifferent to the unfolding events before their eyes. Each of them will receive their share of the societal changes. Vasıf Öngören's play, which conveys these events in an entertaining manner, has been interpreted numerous times on the theater stage and also adapted for the cinema. In 1978, the play was first staged by the Istanbul City Theatres, featuring the character of chef Lütfü Usta, portrayed by Şener Şen. Now, 40 years later, Şen returns to the same role, accompanied by a young cast, once again taking to the stage.
The event's tickets are on sale with a 20% discount for İş Bankası cardholders, and 40% off for Maximiles Black and Privia Black cardholders.



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