Süha Derbent - Harmoni


Maximum Uniq Hall

/ On Foot

Curator: Hülya Şekercioğlu

Süha Derbent, acclaimed worldwide for over 40 years in the field of travel and wildlife photography, with a personal archive of over 2 million photographs, presented his exhibition titled "Harmony" at Maximum Uniq Hall from April 12th to May 19th.

Taking you on a journey through the nature of Africa and human portraits by Süha Derbent, the first Turkish wildlife photographer in 1998, who has worked in more than 80 countries from Scandinavia to Madagascar, Sri Lanka to Canada, the "Harmony" exhibition was curated by Hülya Şekercioğlu and took place from April 12th to May 19th at Maximum Uniq Hall, with the support of Tanzanian-based SkyPalm Travel & Tours, a Turkish subsidiary.



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