Mercan Dede Ensemble & Sabahat Akkiraz


Maximum Uniq Open-Air

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On August 5th, Maximum Uniq Open-Air will host Mercan Dede Ensemble & Sabahat Akkiraz.

World-renowned musician, composer, producer, and DJ Mercan Dede, who blends Sufi music with ethnic instruments from the East and the electronic music form of the West, will perform for the first time at Maximum Uniq Open-Air on August 5th, alongside the esteemed Turkish folk music artist Sabahat Akkiraz, with a new project after a long hiatus.

About the Project:
The "MERCAN DEDE ENSEMBLE" delicately blends the sacred tradition of Sufi music, primarily acoustic performances, with the tones of contemporary music, bridging the gap between the old and the new, the East and the West.

Known for his heartfelt devotion to Sufi beliefs, Dede reflects the depth of Sufi maqams and the divine dimension he brings to the tones and rhythms of his original compositions in his nameless music.

Last year, Mercan Dede's collaboration with the world-renowned musician Ludovico Einaudi, titled "Ludovico Einaudi, Mercan Dede Reimagined," was released by Universal and received great acclaim in the music community.

Sabahat Akkiraz, who has worked with revered musicians such as Musa Eroglu, Arif Sag, Asik Daimi, Davut Sulari, and Muhlis Akarsu throughout her musical journey, predominantly performs her own collection of folk songs, chants, and long melodies in her albums. She also has a vast collection of hundreds of compiled pieces in her archive.

"Mercan Dede Ensemble & Sabahat Akkiraz," who will meet the audience after a long hiatus at Maximum Uniq Open-Air on August 5th, will bring together deep, enchanting, and diverse worlds with the universal power of music.

There will be a 10% discount for Is Bank credit card holders and a 20% discount for Privia Black and Maximiles Black members on concert tickets, which are currently on sale.



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