Maximum Uniq Open-Air

/ On Foot

Young people who chase their stories and live with culture, art, sports, and music will come together at the Maximum Gençlik Festival throughout October.

Festival tickets will be a gift to Maximum Genç Credit Card holders! The ticket amount will be refunded to your card after your purchase.

Athena, Adamlar, Mert Demir, Alaturca Club, and Sufle will be at Ankara Oran Open-Air Stage on October 6th, İzmir Kültürpark Open-Air Theater on October 21st, Adana Çukurova University Open-Air Theater on October 22nd, and Istanbul Maximum Uniq Open-Air Venue on October 28th, filled with the excitement and enthusiasm of young people.

You can apply for the Maximum Genç Credit Card from İşCep, which offers financial services and privileges for daily life, and become a companion on the journey with young people. You can access the opportunities and privileges of Maximum Genç at

Festival Schedule:
4:00 PM - Doors Open
5:00 PM - Alaturca Club
6:15 PM - Sufle
7:30 PM - Mert Demir
8:40 PM - Adamlar
10:10 PM - Athena



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