Kel Diva


Maximum Uniq Hall

/ Seating Arrangement

An English bourgeois family's living room, furnished with English armchairs. An English evening.

Amidst the chaos, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, with the last remnants of Englishness in their hands, will host Mr. and Mrs. Martin in their home. But why does the Chief Fireman have a place on Maid Mary's stool when there's not even the slightest hint of a fire starting in the house?

If they are in the vicinity of London, who is driving us crazy, and who is making us feel so alienated? Diva, in fact, when will she arrive, our reality? Whose interest is it to perpetuate this confusion?

Let's not try to find out. Let's leave everything as it is. (Or not?)

This play, where Eugène Ionesco's unique abstraction and absurdism are perfectly blended, will be staged this season at the Oyun Atölyesi under the name "Kel Diva," isn't it?

Written by Eugène Ionesco
Translated by Hasan Anamur
Directed by Muharrem Özcan
Set and Lighting Design by Kerem Çetinel
Costume Design by Makbule Mercan
Music by Tolga Çebi
Movement Arrangement by Utku Demirkaya

Zuhal Olcay
Haluk Bilginer
Özlem Zeynep Dinsel
Yiğit Özşener
Gözde Kırgız
Kıvanç Kılınç



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