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Belgian group Hooverphonic in Istanbul!
Hooverphonic, the Belgian group that has been synthesizing trip-hop with pop and polyphonic
elements since its foundation in 1996, is coming to Istanbul for a concert at Maximum Uniq
Open Air on the evening of July 14, 2023, in collaboration with Epifoni and Kod Müzik.
Hooverphonic is a group that enjoys stepping outside the norm. Over the course of more than
25 years, they have perfected their unique and instantly recognizable sound. Alex Callier
(lyricist/producer) and Raymond Geerts (guitarist) have been the backbone of the group from
day one. They have worked with a wide range of talented vocalists, and since the autumn of
2020, they are delighted to be reunited with the iconic voice of Geike Arnaert.
Hooverphonic is well-loved in our country with hit songs like "2Wicky," "Eden," "Mad About
You," "Anger Never Dies," "Amalfi," "Badaboum" and "Romantic." We will also be able to listen
to their new songs starting from January.



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