Hania Rani


Maximum Uniq Hall

/ Seating Arrangement

Presented by Reflektions and Artifaz, Hania Rani will be at Maximum Uniq Hall on July 11th!

Reflektions and Artifaz are thrilled to present award-winning pianist, composer, and singer Hania Rani's new album "Ghosts" at Maximum Uniq Hall on July 11th. Hania Rani captivated audiences worldwide with her internationally acclaimed debut album "Esja" and her second album "Home," which showcased her cinematic genius. Her art is constantly evolving, and "Ghosts" represents a new milestone in her artistic journey, highlighting her versatile musical talents.

Hania Rani blends the minimalist beauty of her instrumental pieces with innovative works and multimedia projects, breaking boundaries. Her concerts at iconic venues like Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg and The Roundhouse in London were sold out. Following her albums "Esja" and "Home," Hania Rani aims to offer an unforgettable experience with this album, creating a unique musical universe with captivating vocals, minimal pianos, synths, and rhythmic melodies.

You are invited to Maximum Uniq Hall on July 11th for an inspiring journey with Hania Rani's impressive performance presented by Reflektions and Artifaz.



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