Güldüy Güldüy Show Çocuk


Maximum Uniq Hall

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"Güldüy Güldüy Show Çocuk" is making a comeback with a theatre company full of colorful characters. Get ready for a comedy filled with hilarious incidents during rehearsals, mishaps befalling the actors, and a series of fun mishaps both on and off the stage. This energetic ensemble of 14 actors is bustling with excitement!

About the play:
A meticulous director and his loyal assistant have just two days before the premiere to whip their actors into shape and prepare a flawless play. However, capricious actors and numerous technical glitches will turn their plans upside down, leading to a brand-new comedy.

The team, known for bringing the popular sketches of Güldüy Güldüy Show to the stage, promises laughter with stories ranging from an amateur chef trying to bake a cake, to reporter Acar attempting to solve a major mystery at his school, from Emre squirming to hide his mischiefs from his mother, to parents competing to help their children with homework.

Add to this the director's demands, the actors' clumsiness, and the production team's interventions, and you have a recipe for chaos! What awaits this company when the curtain rises, facing the colorful realities of theatre?

Guaranteed entertainment for the whole family, "Güldüy Güldüy Show Çocuk" will be performed in a single act throughout the winter season at Maximum Uniq Hall.

Scriptwriters: Uğur Güvercin, Onur Ümit, Cihan Deniz, Dinar Kahveci, Pelin Serin
Adaptor: Mert Dilek
Director: Lerzan Pamir
Set Design: Gamze Kuş
Costume Design: Gül Sağer
Lighting Design: Yakup Çartık
Music: Tolga Çebi
Lyrics: Mehmet Ergen
Choreographer: Emre Karaca
Assistant Director: Özge Elif Yeşilyurt
Rehearsal Assistants: Cansu Demirci, Semih Değirmenci
Production Assistants: Şeyma Demircan, İlayda Ataman, Zeynep Yiğit
Poster Design: Berkcan Okar
Producer: BKM
Executive Producer: Omnia Yapım
Production Coordinator for BKM: Yağmur Akpınar
Production Coordinator for Omnia: Aylin El
Actors: Tuğrul Ali Şenocak, Ahsen Türkyılmaz, Mihrimah Çamlar, Atahan Bülent Çatalbaş, Beren Şenol, Mehmet Tarık Sarıyar, Ali Talha Kırışgil, Abdullah Samir Akbulut, Eymen Asaf Yalçın, Tuğçe Talu, Almina Günaydın, Baran Tuğra Genç, Elif Özlem Şen, Abdullah Burak Kaya

70 minutes/single act

Tickets are on sale, with a 10% discount for İş Bankası cardholders and a 20% discount for Maximiles Black, Privia Black, and Maximum Genç Kart owners.



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