Glenn Hughes "Performs Classic Deep Purple Live"


Maximum Uniq Open-Air

/ On Foot

Glenn Hughes, the former bassist and vocalist of Deep Purple and a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, is bringing the legend of Deep Purple to the present with his project "Glenn Hughes performs Deep Purple Classics Live"!

Glenn Hughes pays tribute to his musical heritage and, most importantly, one of the most beloved, influential, and successful rock bands of all time with a brand new project. The legendary artist, in collaboration with Epifoni, will be performing on October 7th, Saturday, at Maximum Uniq Open-Air in Istanbul.

Joining Glenn Hughes on stage will be Søren Andersen (guitar), Ash Sheehan (drums), and Bob Fridzema (keyboard). This year, the band will also perform songs from the iconic album "Burn" in celebration of its 50th anniversary.



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