Ghostly Kisses


Maximum Uniq Box

/ On Foot

Ghostly Kisses will be performing at Maximum Uniq Box on October 28th, creating a magical atmosphere with her enchanting voice that touches souls. Known as "not of this world" by her fans, Ghostly Kisses, whose real name is Margaux Sauvé, will once again meet Turkish listeners.

Margaux Sauvé started writing songs as a reflection of her depressive state in 2015, and with her dream pop compositions, she managed to capture the attention of a wide audience. Continuing her musical production with her beloved project Ghostly Kisses, and recently releasing her album titled "Heaven, Wait" in early 2022, Margaux Sauvé began playing the violin at the age of 15 and stepped into singing by composing her own songs within a few years.

Her voice and the harmony in her musical background quickly caught everyone's attention. Ghostly Kisses released her EP "What You See" in 2017, followed by "The City Holds My Heart" in 2018, which received great acclaim from music lovers. In this 5-track album, the artist stated that she drew inspiration from the sonic texture of the late 90s, blending her voice with different rhythms, synthesizers, arrangements, and layers of piano, transporting listeners to her imaginative world.

Describing songwriting as the expression of her emotions, Ghostly Kisses identifies herself as a reflection of a whimsical and romantic foundation, known as Dream Pop culture. On October 28th, she will perform the melodies that touch the souls of her long-awaited fans at Maximum Uniq Box.

The countdown has begun for Ghostly Kisses, praised for her electro-pop and dream pop music style. Tickets for her concert, which promises a true melancholic night, are available with a 10% discount for Is Bank credit card holders and a 20% discount for Maximiles Black and Privia Black members.



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