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Semaver Kumpanya has been performing Molière's famous play "Cimri" for six seasons to sold-out audiences, with Tansu Biçer's interpretation and Serkan Keskin's much-talked-about performance as "Harpagon."

"The most inhuman of all people on earth; the hardest-hearted of all living beings, the stingiest of the stingy. Nothing could be more barren than his love, more arid than his caress. He finds giving so difficult that he doesn't even greet anyone; he only takes, always takes..."

This is how those who know The Miser describe him...

Who is this Miser?

Is he really as ruthless, hard-hearted, stingy, and bad as they say?

Is a person born this way?

Is he just a written character?

Do such people exist around us?

What would it be like to live with such a person?

In Molière's famous work, "The Miser," written by the French comedy writer of the 17th century, you will witness the inner and outer structures of many people and families through the window between looking at a particular class and a generalization, and experience strange coincidences.


Written by: Molière

Translated by: Sabahattin Eyüboğlu

Directed by: Tansu Biçer

Assistant Director: Volkan M. Sarıöz, Selin Nazlı Ustaoğlu

Dramaturgy: Bilgesu Kasapoğlu

Lighting Design: Utku İnan

Lighting Application: Mustafa Karakoyun

Set Design: Tansu Biçer

Set Application: Zeki İlyas Kızılışık, İsmail Hazır, Sema Öztaş

Costume: Bade Yavuz

Costume Application: Ayşenur Arslanoğlu

Music: Okan Kaya, Ömer Öztüyen


Harpagon: Serkan Keskin

Frosine: Sezin Bozacı

Jacques Usta: Ahmet Kaynak

Valère: Mertcan Ertürk

Cléante: Metin Alpargun

Elise: Cansu Saka

La Flèche: Onur Yalçınkaya

Mariane: Ezgi Ulusoy Tamer

Anselme: Onur Şenol

Claude Kadın: Selen Şenay

Simon Efendi and Commissioner: Uğur Senkeri

La Merluche: Saniye Samra

Tickets for the play, which offer a 10% discount for İş Bankası cards and a 20% discount for Privia Black and Maximiles Black, are on sale now!



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