Büyük Ev Ablukada


Maximum Uniq Open-Air

/ On Foot

We can no longer use conventional promotional text templates, discographic information, or other clichés to write about Büyük Ev Ablukada. They have created a new language in songwriting, addressing each other, and communicating with others. This language might have been the jargon of a big family among themselves. But their use of this communication with others was, in itself, a new approach. Their refusal to compromise, their choice not to explain themselves anywhere, but instead to communicate with everyone just as they do among themselves, formed their audience. Those who heard and understood this language came. Nowadays, everyone is “indecisive like a sponge,” everyone is “insincere but bald,” and everyone is “like a dog fallen into a well.” Only those who have joined the universe they have disrupted know that “We are not this, this is what’s left of us, a dry crowd.”

Büyük Ev Ablukada makes the music of chatting with friends until dawn, lying back on the carpet with the first light of day, waking up with a numb leg from the wallet in the back pocket, and then having a cheerful breakfast with friends again.

We’re talking about a team that has paved its own way with everything it does. A team that changed the game with the path it opened. From the moment Büyük Ev Ablukada shared a few of their accumulated songs, they set their own rules. With what they did, they paved the way not only for themselves but also for many independent musicians of their time. If the rules of the game have changed somewhat today, they are the reason.

And they will be at Maximum Uniq Open Air on August 9th.

Hurry to secure your spot at the concert.

Tickets for the concert, which will offer a 10% discount for İş Bankası cards and a 20% discount for Privia Black and Maximiles Black, are on sale now.



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