Bir Evlilik Müzikali


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Bir Evlilik Müzikali (A Marriage Musical); This musical blends humor with music to explore the struggles of the centuries-old institution of marriage. It asks, 'Should we believe in love when it leads to marriage? This institution is unique, madness for some...' On the theater stage, a prospective groom has created a small living space for himself. He shares with the audience his experiences with marriage, the consequent self-interest relationships, and his life struggles. He performs six original compositions with different instruments live.
'I've been wondering for a long time if true love only exists in movies that fit into two hours. We used to say, 'I couldn't live without you' to each other... Now, it's come down to 'You take the salt shaker, I'll keep the pepper mill'...

For the event, a 10% discount is available for İş Bankası cardholders, and 20% for Maximiles Black, Privia Black, and Maximum Young Card owners. Tickets are on sale.

Written & Performed by: Öner Ateş
Directed by: Bülent Çolak
Set and Lighting Design: Erkan Kaya
Music Director: Özer Ateş
Lyrics: Faruk Üstün
Assistant Director: Seda Nur Aksu



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