BARABAR - After Party: Hey! Douglas


Maximum Uniq Open-Air

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Musicians, musician-actors, folk songs, surprising vocals that harmonize rhythm and folk songs, and small dialogues that turn into witty stage banter with a touch of acting humor: Warm Up: Hünkar, BARABAR - After Party: Hey! Douglas on August 3rd at Maximum Uniq Open Air.


Doors Open: 19:00

Warm Up: 19:30-20:30

Barabar: 21:00

Hey! Douglas: 23:00

Barabar, a group featuring Taner Ölmez as the lead vocalist and Serkan Keskin on bass guitar, stands out with two names we have long known from their acting careers. Barabar is a group well known by its fans, who remain loyal to them. They once brought the name of their WhatsApp group to the stage, and it perfectly suits their fresh interpretations of folk songs, improvised inter-song dialogues, and their relaxed stage presence.

Blending Anatolian melodies and Turkish Folk Music works with local and Western instruments, Barabar has created their own style and will take music lovers on another enjoyable journey through the Anatolian lands on August 3rd.

The group, formed by Serkan Keskin, Taner Ölmez, and Fırat İkisivri, invites you to Maximum Uniq Open Air for a cheerful evening with a repertoire featuring the most beloved songs from their three albums to date.

The BARABAR - After Party: Hey! Douglas event, one of the most special projects of the summer, will take place at Maximum Uniq Open Air on August 3rd. Hurry to secure your place at the concert.

Tickets for the concert, which will offer a 10% discount for İş Bankası cards and a 20% discount for Privia Black and Maximiles Black, are on sale now.

Barabar Orchestra:

Fırat İkisivri: Piano, Guitar, Violin; Cura and backing vocals

Taner Ölmez: Vocals

Serkan Keskin: Bass guitar and backing vocals

Serkan Polat: Percussion, backing vocals

Sibel Altan: Kanun and percussion

Özgür Taş: Drums

Onur Aydemir: Clarinet

Berkay Eren: Guitar

You are invited to the after party with Hey! Douglas!

At 23:00, Hey! Douglas will take the stage for the closing of this magnificent concert. Hey! Douglas, a music project by VEYasin inspired by the psychedelic rock and pop culture of the 60s and 70s in Turkey, will offer a unique music experience to the thousands of spectators at Maximum Uniq Open Air, blending geographical melodies with breakbeat, disco, and funk.

Warm Up: HüNKAR

As the doors open, the warm-up for the fun begins! Hünkar, one of the most important DJs in Istanbul's nightlife since 2002, known for creating awareness by incorporating different and little-known genres in his sets, and also a director and resident DJ of many venues, will be the one to ignite the fuse of the concert at the set.



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