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William Shakespeare's Richard III, translated by Berna Moran
Adapted, Written, and Directed by: Okan Bayülgen
Project by: Nihal Usanmaz, Kubilay Çamlıdağ, Orkun Dökmeci
Okan Bayülgen, Şenay Gürler, Ebru Unurtan Urağ, Nihal Usanmaz, Kevork Türker, Kubilay Çamlıdağ, Oral Özer, Özgün Çoban, Esra Yaşar, Su Sonia Herring, Volkan Ateş Gündüz, Dilay Yıldız, Cem Tilmen, Ali Akkök, Cüneyt Üstün, Ferdi Taşkın, Levent Akkök, Cihan Akbilek, Orkun Dökmeci, Ece Önderoğlu, Sinan Aksu, Kayra Ural, İstanbul Bayülgen

Year 2012. King Richard III's bones are found in a car park in Leicester. It will take a long time for forensic experts to research and prove the bones. During the same period, a small theater in London, mostly producing unconventional art plays, will perform Richard III upon request.

Meanwhile, there's an unidentified criminal man sought by the police who takes refuge in the theater. This “Richard” first takes on the role of Richard in the play, and then the staging of the play itself. Due to his "flawed nature," he is against the existing order, whether it's the state or the theater's structure. While gaining the support of tolerant and democratic artists, he disrupts the theater's structure, opposes everything institutional, ethical, or hierarchical in art, and produces an unusual Richard production. Drawing inspiration from drag queen shows and fashion shows, placing non-actors in the play, he destroys everything physically and emotionally from the theater's roof to people's private lives. The theater is shaken by a catastrophe. Meanwhile, the Kingdom is preparing for the funeral of Richard III.
Okan Bayülgen looks at Shakespeare's Richard from the first quarter of the new millennium. He opens up the reality of Richard and Shakespeare's narrative of Richard for discussion, using approaches of modern philosophers. While discussing alienation, loneliness, and savagery, an imaginary theater company replays Shakespeare's Richard III.

Dramaturg: Dilek Tekintaş
Consultants: Yalın Alpay, Dr. Başar Akman
Set Design: Efter Tunç
Costume Design: Ayşegül Alev
Lighting Design: Kemal Yiğitcan
Movement Design: Dicle Doğan
Kinetic Sculpture Design: Server Demirtaş
Illustration: M. K. Perker
Music: Ömer Vatansever, Fırat Ağacık, Okan Bayülgen
Hair Design: Derya Ergün
Poster Design: Berkcan Okar
Photography: Fethi Karaduman
Assistant Director: Nihal Usanmaz
Director's Assistants: Dilay Yıldız, Ferdi Taşkın, Ali Akkök
Stage Managers: Sinem Bayraktar, Oğuzhan Yıldırım
Production: Net Sanat, Kabare Dada
Special thanks to Aydın Özgültekin.

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